Is Now the Right Time to Sell your RV?

Is Now a Good Time to Sell an RV? 

Maybe it doesn’t seem like the dead of winter is such a great time to sell an RV with atmospheric rivers repeatedly devastating central California, tornadoes threatening the gulf coast, unprecedented ice and snow crippling the northeast, and inclement weather threatening the country from coast to coast  After all, it’s been ages since you went camping or even thought about it, and the way the weather is shaping up right now, it doesn‘t look like you’ll be camping again any time soon.  

In fact, maybe your rig has been in storage for more than a year, or it’s covered with a ratty blue tarp and parked behind your garage where it’s been, since you can’t remember when.  If you’re honest with yourself, maybe you’re just about done camping, or at least you’re just about done camping in that RV, but the whole prospect of selling it and moving on is just too overwhelming and you don’t even know where to start.

Here are three reasons to stop procrastinating and get your RV ready to sell right now!

1. You’re losing money every day that it sits there unused and unsold.

2. Your liability and risk continue to mount daily.

3. Winter is an excellent time to sell an RV.

Selling your RV can help both bring in cash and alleviate the liability of ownership.

You’re Losing Money Every Day that You Own an RV and You’re Not Using It

RVs, like cars, depreciate with age and every year that goes by, it’s worth less.  Additionally, you may be making monthly payments, paying for storage fees, paying on an extended warranty, and/or paying for insurance.  An RV is an asset, and it has value. It may be a million dollar Class A diesel pusher or a $25,000 travel trailer, but regardless, it represents a significant investment, and it still retains some of its original value.  And frankly, letting a valuable asset like that, sit on your back acreage and deteriorate to a point of uselessness, because you haven’t made up your mind to sell it, is foolishness.

Your Liability and Risk Continue to Mount Daily

One of the biggest threats to your RV is water damage, and an idle unused RV sitting in storage is a prime candidate for damage caused by condensation, leaks, mold, dry rot, or other water related problems.  And water is just one of the many threats to your RV. Wind damage, falling debris, snow, ice, flooding, rodents, theft, vandalism, and system failures all have the potential to damage or ruin your valuable asset.  If you have an RV that is not in use this winter, at the very least, do everything possible to keep it dry and free from destructive forces and if you think you might be done with that RV, then don’t wait for summer to get it ready for sale.

Many people decide to sell their RV’s in the wintertime.

Winter is an Excellent Time to Sell an RV

For decades farmers have used the winter months to work on their equipment. Since they can’t plow and plant, they spend their winter days cleaning, sharpening, and fixing all their gear, in preparation for spring.  This is a great strategy for RV owners, as well.  Winter is the perfect time to examine, evaluate, clean, and prepare your RV for sale.  All the extra time you spend in your RV, deep cleaning, checking the systems, and getting it ready for sale, will help you dry it out and lower the risk of water or environmental damage. 

To get the process started, you can obtain an accurate valuation of what your RV is worth (in today’s real-world market) and let that valuation inform and motivate you to get it listed for sale, as quickly as possible.  You can obtain a free valuation even before you finish the prep, right here, from our professional team.

We’ll even send you a series of useful tips to help you get your RV ready for sale so you can maximize your profits, and if you want our help, we will even create compelling ads that we’ll published in all the places RV shoppers go to look for RVs.  Finally, to help facilitate the quick sale of your RV we can even help buyers secure financing, if needed. 

It’s Not Snowing Everywhere

It may be cold and snowy where you live right now, and you’re thinking that no one is thinking about RVing, so why bother to get your RV ready for sale in the dead of winter?  But it’s not cold everywhere, and there are literally thousands of RVs on the road right now, in January.  People from cold northern communities are flocking to the sun belt in record numbers.  More and more people are trading their brick and mortar dwellings for the freedom of a life on the road, and many of these people are ready to buy or upgrade their RV today.  

As an example, in the campground where I am currently camping there are about 30 RVs, (some seasonal, some transient) and one of those campers just traded their toy hauler for a traditional 5th wheel, right before Christmas … in the dead of winter… with temperatures in the teens. People buy RVs year around but, in the winter, you have a lot less competition.  Your RV ads will stand out because there are less ads overall, and your RV will get the attention it deserves.  At National Vehicle we help for-sale-by-owner RVers, sell their RVs year around and we’re eager to help you sell your valuable asset. 

Wouldn’t you like to reclaim as much of your investment as possible, and stop worrying about your RV?  Contact our team today, for a free valuation.


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