How Much is My RV Worth – 5 Things to Check

Are you wondering, “How much is my RV worth?” Unfortunately, there is no Kelly Blue book to help you out there. Instead, you have to use your knowledge of the RV as well as a few other factors to determine the answer to the question, “What’s my camper worth?”

Of course, most people don’t automatically know what they’re looking for when determining the resale value of an RV. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you out. Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know when determining, “How much is my RV worth?”

The Importance of Finding the Right Resale Value of an RV 

You might be wondering why you should be worried about how you price your RV. The answer? Pricing determines quite a lot when you go to sell your RV. Not only will your asking price help determine how much you get for the rig in the end, it will also determine the type of consumer your rig attracts or doesn’t attract.

If you overprice your RV, you might find that your advertisements are overlooked entirely. Meanwhile, those who underprice their RVs will likely find that they are met with low-ball offers. Of course, underpricing will also mean you don’t get what your RV is actually worth, something all sellers should definitely avoid.

#1. How Will You Sell?

The first thing you need to think about when figuring out the resale value of an RV? Well, it’s important to consider how you will go about selling the rig. Sure, it’s quick and easy to trade it in at a dealership and using a consignment service can be tempting. That said, neither of these options will give you top dollar for your trailer or motorhome. 

If you’re looking to make as much as possible when selling, you will want to go the for sale by owner route. Yes, this does take a bit more work, but National Vehicle can help you navigate the nitty gritty details and ensure you get the most you can out of your RV.

RV Sale, Happy

#2. How Old is the RV?

Another thing to think in mind when wondering, “How much is my RV worth?” The age of the RV. Obviously, newer rigs are generally going to sell for more than older rigs. That said, even older RVs can bring in a nice amount of money, especially if they are well maintained and cleaned up nicely. 

Additionally, it’s good to note that there are some vintage RVs that can sell for quite a bit thanks to their cult-like following. Because of this, you won’t want to discount your rig as worthless just because it’s more than a few decades old.  

#3. Check Your Mileage

Trying to sell a motorhome? In that case, mileage is also an important factor when deciding, “What’s my camper worth?” While incredibly high mileage does lower the overall value of the rig, too little mileage on an RV can also be a red flag for buyers, as these rigs do need to be exercised in order to stay in good shape. 

Be sure to consider the mileage on your RV when setting your asking price. If the miles on the RV are incredibly old, explain why and be prepared to demonstrate that the vehicle does still run despite the fact that it has been sitting more than it has been on the road. If the mileage is excessively high, set your price a bit lower. 

#4. Consider Upgrades and Special Amenities

Have you upgraded your RV in any way? Does your RV include amenities that most RVs don’t? These can increase the overall value of the rig. 

Upgrades such as solar panels, improved appliances, and better mattresses change the value of your RV for the better, so make sure to take those into account. Double pane windows in a travel trailer, or bunk beds in the garage of a toy hauler will add value. Automatic jacks are more than just a convenience; they also increase an RV’s value. A microwave oven is standard in most RVs, but one that is also a convection oven, will make a difference. Even little things like upgraded faucets can add to the resale value of an RV.

RV Damages

#5. Keep Damages in Mind

Just as upgrades improve the resale value of an RV, damages will take away from the overall value. Does the exterior of your rig have dents or scratches? Are the decals faded or peeling? You’ll likely have to lower your asking price if so. 

Other things that will take away from the value of your RV include appliances that don’t work, holes in the walls, broken cabinet doors, slides that don’t work, water damage and leaks, and anything else that makes the RV less attractive. Try to take a step back from your RV and critically assess it, taking note of all damages and issues and including them in your final asking price. 

Use National Vehicle’s Valuation Tool

All of the things above are good to keep in mind when determining an asking price for your RV. You might also check listings on RV Trader, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist to get an idea of what others are asking for similar rigs. That said, the absolute best way to get an accurate idea of the resale value of an RV is to use National Vehicle’s RV valuation tool

This tool takes all of the factors above into account and spits out a fair asking price that will get you every penny you deserve without scaring potential buyers away. The best part? This tool is absolutely free, so you don’t have anything to lose. Why not give it a try today?

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