10 Ways to Make Money While RVing

Since the launch of the RV in the early 1900s, it has never been easier to get on the road before retirement time.  RVs are now enhanced with so many features that aid in making money while RVing on the road.  Optional features like Lithium batteries, office space, solar panels and more.  Along with the advancements in technology from USB ports to Starlink connectivity to Wi-Fi and the list grows.  Icing on the cake – the push to work-from-home options has inspired many people to go for their RVing dreams now.

There are all kinds of reasons for making money while RVing.  You may be that individual who needs a remote job to be able to start RVing.  There are also those of us who will never retire and look for ways to continue working. And there are those who are retired (or not) who would like to supplement their income.  You may just enjoy the camaraderie working with a company or individuals that remote work brings.  No matter what your reason for making money while RVing, here are the top current ways to investigate.

1. Take Your Work with you while RVing

When you do a search online for the top jobs in 2023, here are some you will find…Software Developer, Nurses, Financial Manager, Physical Therapist, Data Engineer, or Actuary.  You may find your job in the full list online.  These are good paying jobs, and they are also jobs that do well as remote positions.  It takes a little work on your part, but with the right tools, planning and working with your current employer, you can work from the road.  Take the time to do your research.  Put together a detailed plan on how you can not only do your job on the road but how working from the RV will produce more top-notch work results.

I have met several full-time nurses RVing around the United States and Canada.  They say it is easier to find work when they have the flexibility of setting up in new areas to provide hospitals with more temporary staff.  It also supplies them the comfort of being in their own home wherever they are.

2.  Turn Your Hobby into Money!

You might be surprised at the income a hobby can generate.  Bonus – you are doing something you enjoy!  Some of the most popular hobbies this year are baking, reading, pets, video gaming, traveling, crafts, plants, socializing, fitness, meditation, photography, writing and music.  There are multiple ways you can use your hobby to make cash.  Sell wares online, setup of retreats, provide classes or create your own remote stores.

I know an RVer who loves fairies.  She created a whole store around the selling of hand-created fairies, things to create fairy worlds and even wrote a book about fairies.  Following her passion, she makes cash from her hobby.

Working from home is a great option when you’re a full time RVer.

3. Become a Reseller

There are many items you can simply buy and resell online with little investment.  Just use time and creativity to carve out a niche.  Where can you find items to resell?  Auctions, thrift stores, yard sales, secondhand apparel stores, etc.  Some of the top things to resell are antiques, concert tickets, clothing, shoes, books, toys, art, collectibles, power tools, Lego sets, vintage items, musical instruments, baby items and jewelry.  You can check out Amazon, eBay and other online options for reselling online.

One RVer goes around and shops at garage sales and thrift stores.  She buys lightweight items with a low investment and then turns around and resells it on eBay in her own little store.  Her niche is antiques but she keeps the items small so she can transport them in her RV for delivery or inexpensive shipping.  Everyday she gets to do what she loves – visiting thrift stores!

4. Do Contract Work

Don’t overlook all the online job search websites out there now.  Most of them have specific search features for remote, freelance, or part-time jobs.  Set up your search features based on the job criteria you are looking for.  The list is endless but some of the popular job search sites are ziprecruiter, Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor and FlexJobs.  Personally I like Linkin because it is combined with your resume and your job profile at a glance.  Glassdoor is great because they tend to list higher paying jobs that require more experience.  Check out joining the RVer Job Exchange because it is specifically for RVers.

As an RVer, I have been approached by companies looking for writers with my background and experience.  It is a great way to keep ongoing options open without actively taking up your job time with searches.  But you have the choice to search this way as well.  I have gotten several new writing job opportunities through this approach.

5. Become a Volunteer

I know, you are saying, wait a minute…volunteering doesn’t pay.  But it can.  Volunteering just by itself is a great thing to do for the community and for yourself.  But some of us still need to make a living.  You can also approach volunteering to make future income for yourself.  Think of volunteering to connect.  It also opens doors in other ways too.  Volunteering can show off your skills and ability and organizations are always looking for ongoing help.  A volunteer position can turn into a paid opportunity.  Volunteering also builds up your references.  Don’t forget to list a volunteer job on your resume.

I knew an individual who volunteered on a non-profit organization’s board.  When they found out she was planning on going into RVing full-time, they worked with her in setting up a small stipend to go around the U.S. visiting their other locations for feedback and growth opportunities.  It was a successful experience for them both and got her started in RVing full-time.


Pick a skill that you have, and master it!

6. Learn How to Barter

The first tips have been about making money while RVing, but maybe you don’t need straight up cash.  Maybe you just need to refresh or exchange items here and there without incurring a major cost.  Bartering or trading is a great choice.  Decide what you want to trade and what you want in return.  For both parties it can be a win-win situation.  And it doesn’t have to be a physical item.  You can exchange services too.  Make sure you have an agreement in place so both parties follow through and items are exchanged as expected.

A creative RVer is great at social media.  She starts off with bartering her social media services with local restaurants.  A free meal in exchange for an online post.  When she leaves the area, she will either turn it over to them and train them how to do it or she will continue to post for them at a cash rate.  Or if they are a national company, she moves across the states getting free meals for each post.

7. Expand an Existing Skill

Think Outside the Box.  You may already have a natural skill that does not require re-education or learning new skills to make money while RVing.  A search on the top remote jobs for 2023 shows skills like a Translator.  Do you know a language you can test websites, translate documents, or proofread with?  Are you a creative artist with computer skills?  How about being a web design assistant or creating graphics for sale online? A few other skills that have a lot of remote options and are current top job opportunities:  writers, career coaching, customer service, social media managers, virtual assistants, personal assistants, and data entry.

One RVer I know is great at designing graphics.  She puts up her designs on a website called Fiverr.  There are many places for artists to sell their work online and you can select one that meets your needs. This is a great way to make extra money while RVing.

8.  Make New Connections, Make Money!

What about just letting people know you can be of service?  Simply knocking on a few doors, putting up old fashioned flyers or talking with people in your RV park can open doors.  RVers and even those in the local community are looking for pet sitters, babysitters, or someone to run errands.  It’s OK to be a ‘jack of all trades’ and fill several roles and need to make cash.

I know a girl who goes around the local RV park where she camps.  She can be boondocking or in a nice luxury campground – it doesn’t matter.  Her service is knife sharpening.  She picks up your knives and returns them to you sharpened.  Attached to each job when she returns them is a Band-Aid that warns people their knives are now sharp and has her contact information if they want to pass it along or find out where she will be next.  Brilliant!

9. Become a Networker

Lots of companies will reward you for referring their services.  You are a natural resource RVing around the U.S. and Canada!  Some provide as little as $10 per referral while others can supply an average of $100 per referral.  Some top referral programs are DropBox, Fiverr, Google Workspace and T-Mobile.  There are several in the RV industry too like Harvest Hosts, Escapees and TSD Open Roads.

RVing from one winery, farm, or museum to another, one RVer connects with them, enjoys her stay and signs them up to become Harvest Hosts.  She gets a referral fee, makes a new friend, and has a new experience.  What a great way to get paid.

10. Look for Seasonal

This opportunity needs to be included although it has had some negative impacts from different venues.  But there are great campgrounds and RV related travel companies that are always looking for hosts, clean-up crews and managers to help them with the maintenance of their RV services.  You don’t have to look for existing job openings only though.  If you see a need at a campground you would like to stay at for a length of time, talk to the owners about creating a job for you in exchange for your stay.

This next decade RVers should expect to see more advancements and opportunities to make money while RVing.  The intersection of technology, RV enhancements and the flexibility in the workforce brings us closer to better lifestyle choices.  We don’t need to divide our time between work, play and homelife.  We can enjoy it on our own time schedule in our chosen environment.

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