Top 10 Clubs to Join as an RVer

Joining the world of RVing is an enormous life step that comes with tons of excitement, some expenses, and lots of learning curves. The good news? There are tons of RV clubs out there that can help you save money, learn new things, and find friends who share your excitement for hitting the road in a home-on-wheels. 

Not sure which RV clubs might be best for you? You’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve listed our top 10 clubs for RVers and included a bit of info on each of them so you can decide which ones best fit your travel style.

Choose from this list and you really can’t go wrong!


First on our list is Escapees. In our opinion, this is the most all-encompassing RVing club out there. It caters to RVers of all ages and can be used by both occasional travelers and full time RVers. Escapees is especially handy because it comes with a huge range of benefits, meaning many RVers find they don’t even need to invest in any other memberships.

One of the best benefits Escapees has to offer? Events. Escapees knows how to put on amazing rallies and other events for RVers. Their events can be enjoyed by people of all ages and include a huge variety of amazing activities, including learning opportunities, parties, and kid-centered fun. 

This membership will also give you access to the amazing Escapees mail forwarding service, as well as a variety of campground discounts. Discounts on things such as tires, warranties, and memberships with other RV clubs are also included, as is access to an active community of RVing people who are ready to help one another when needed.

Good Sam Club

Good Sam Club is another one of those wonderful RV memberships that includes a wide variety of benefits. The huge variety of benefits offered by Good Sam means you can apply this membership in a number of scenarios, making it well worth the yearly dues. 

Good Sam Club members can enjoy access to member-exclusive events such as rallies and tours. They get discounts on products at Camping World and also enjoy free shipping and extended return policies when purchasing from this Good Sam-affiliated store. Fuel discounts are available for Good Sam members at Pilot and Flying J locations, as are a variety of other discounts on RV- and travel-related services, including certain campground stays. 

In addition to the Good Sam Club, Good Sam also offers great roadside assistance, emergency medical coverage for travelers, a mail forwarding service, and more, making it a one-stop shop for those RVers who prefer to get it all in one spot.

Good Sam Club has great RV rallies!

Passport America

Looking for a way to get some amazing discounts on camping? Passport America might be just the RV club for you. This is an inexpensive membership that quickly pays for itself as soon as you use it a couple of times. You see, your Passport America card allows you to receive 50% off camping at a huge number of private RV campgrounds all across the country—something that will save frequent campers some serious dough. 

The catch? Well, most Passport America campgrounds do restrict the number of nights the discount can be used to just one or two. Additionally, most do not allow Passport America members to take advantage of discounts on weekends or holidays. Still, this is an excellent way to save on those short stays between destinations.

RV Hike

Looking for a hike? Try Thousand Trails!

Thousand Trails

Hoping to save on longer stays? If so, you might look into Thousand Trails. By investing in a Thousand Trails membership, you gain access to the Thousand Trails system of campgrounds. All members stay in these campgrounds free of charge, making it easy to save a bundle as long as you camp fairly regularly. 

Different Thousand Trails memberships have different limitations and rules, but even the most basic “zone pass” membership allows campers to stay up to 14 nights in one campground within the “zone” or region of their choice. From there, the member must leave the Thousand Trails system for 7 nights before returning again.

Don’t want to leave the system? There are plenty of higher-level memberships that allow campers to stay 21 nights and hop straight from one park to the next. Not only that, but these more expensive options include all of the Thousand Trails parks rather than just a single zone. 

RV Life Pro

RV Life Pro is another RV club that is well worth joining. This subscription gives users access to a variety of digital tools, including an awesome RV-specific GPS app, an RV trip planning software that cannot be beat, a maintenance tracking app, video masterclasses on RVing, and more. 

Another aspect of the RV Life Pro membership worth mentioning is the collection of RV life communities that your membership gives you access to. These include a wide variety of amazing forums, which can provide you with an incredible wealth of knowledge as you navigate the world of RVing. Who knows? You might even find some RV buddies to meet up with during your travels!

Family Motor Coach Association

Looking for another RV club that gives you a lot of bang for your buck? The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is a good option for many, especially full timers. This membership offers a smorgasbord of benefits including medical evacuation, access to exclusive mobile internet plans, and access to a library of amazing RVing knowledge that will help you through virtually any problem you might have out on the road. 

FMCA also works to advocate for the rights of RV owners, with the aim to educate RVers on their rights and help them maintain those rights as they enjoy the freedoms of RV travel. 

Other benefits offered to FMCA members include: 

  • A subscription to Family RVing Magazine.
  • An anti-theft decal and membership plate.
  • An easy-to-use mobile app.
  • A variety of discounts on RV-related products and services

Fulltime Families

Those planning to hit the road full time with kids should look into Fulltime Families. This is an awesome RV club that caters specifically to long-term RVing families. It’s the perfect solution to helping your kids find friends on the road, and a great way to ensure you have community no matter where you roam. 

The main benefit of joining Fulltime Families is the fact that it gives you access to a huge community of families on the road. Members get access to special social media groups where they can connect with fellow RVers with similar interests, or with those who happen to be located in the same area. They also get access to rallies and other in-person events that happen throughout the year and give families an ideal way to meet each other. 

Another benefit of joining this club? You will have access to a variety of discounts on travel-related products and services.

RV Camp

Fulltime Families is great for RVers with kids!

Republic of Nomads

New on the scene, the Republic of Nomads is another community-focused club that is perfect for meeting RVing friends. While RoN does not set any sort of age limit on who can participate in their activities, the vast majority of members are families with kids, making this another great choice for families with youngsters in tow. 

Currently, the Republic of Nomads does not have a paid membership option. Anyone is welcome to join in any one of their events, including their totally free town hall events. This is excellent for low-income individuals, as it gives them a chance to find community without spending a lot of money to do so.

We imagine this organization will implement some sort of paid membership program at some point, but because the focus seems to be on including everyone, it is likely participating in RoN events will remain affordable. 

RV Beach

Boondockers Welcome is great for those trying to save money!

Boondockers Welcome

Those who like to save money on campground fees should look into Boondockers Welcome. This is an awesome RV club that gives members access to free boondocking locations on the private lands of hosts. 

Boondockers Welcome hosts offer up everything from driveways and parking spots in front of their houses to full-blown campsites on their land. Some offer full or partial hookups for a small fee, but many don’t offer any hookups at all. We’ve found hosts that are happy to have you for 5 or more days at a time, and others who put a one-night limit on your length of stay.

In every single case, we have found hosts to be beyond kind and welcoming. This makes Boondockers Welcome an excellent way to meet new people as you travel, and since many hosts are travelers as well, you might even get a chance to meet up with your new friends down the road!

Harvest Hosts

Lastly, there is Harvest Hosts. This membership is very much like Boondockers Welcome, but instead of staying on private property, members can stay at farms, wineries, and even museums overnight. This provides some amazingly unique experiences and can be a ton of fun, especially for the more adventurous souls out there. 

The drawback? Generally speaking, Harvest Host stays are for one night only. Some host locations will let you stay a bit longer, but that is on a case-by-case basis and isn’t the norm. Additionally, guests are expected to spend money when staying at a business, meaning the free stay isn’t actually free. 

Still, Harvest Hosts does have some really amazing host locations, and many of the hosts are incredible people who are tons of fun to meet. Because of this, this RV club can be an excellent tool to add to your arsenal, especially if quick overnights on your way from one place to the next are something you do often. 

There you have it, our top 10 RV clubs. Pick and choose from this list, join one or more of them, or even join them all! No matter how you go about it, we are confident you will enjoy being a part of one of these amazing communities of RVers as you wind your way up, down, and through our beautiful country in your RV. 

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