No, You Don’t Have To Wait To Sell Your RV

Summer is coming to a close. For campers this is a sad time of year, as it means it’s time to start preparing their RVs storage. That said, there is no reason you have to be among them. If you’ve been thinking about selling your RV, you can do it now.

That’s right, there is absolutely no reason you have to wait until spring to sell your RV. In fact, in some ways it might even be better to sell now. Selling now could mean a faster sell, and it could even leave you with more money in your pocket.

Don’t believe us? Read on to learn the top four reasons you should sell your RV now rather than waiting for the spring season.

The Market is Still Strong

First and foremost, we must take a look at the RV market. Yes, sales have slowed down a little since 2020, but RVs are still selling. In fact, recent months have seen more RV sales than some spring months of the past.

What does this mean for you? Well, depending on how things go, it could mean you’ll have an easier time selling now than in the spring, despite this being the end of camping season.

Who wouldn’t want to jump on this strong RV market and send their rig off on some new adventures while finding a buyer is easy to do?

Interest Rates are Rising

Costs are rising quickly right now. From gas to groceries, we’ve all watched our day-to-day expenses go up quite a bit in the past several months. This inflation doesn’t just affect your food and fuel though; it’s causing other costs to rise too. One example? Interest rates are on the rise. Not only that, they are expected to continue going up.

Since RV interest rates aren’t exactly low to begin with, seeing these rates rise is making many potential buyers nervous about just how high they will go. The result? Some of those who might have waited until spring to buy are buying now, before inflation sends interest rates through the roof and thus makes taking out an RV loan unaffordable.

This is just another reason you could have more potential buyers if you sell now.

A strong market with rising interest rates is an anomaly. Capitalize on this phenomenon while you can.

The clock is ticking and economic changes are happening. if you’re contemplating selling your RV, now is your best shot. 

All Models Turn a Year Older on January 1st

As is the case with any item, the newer the model you’re trying to sell is, the easier it is to sell and the more you can ask for it. Though it is only a difference of a few months, those who sell now rather than in the spring will be selling an RV that, on paper anyway, has “one less year” under its belt.

Surprisingly, more people will see the vehicle that is a year younger. As an example, buyers who are searching for a motorhome or trailer that is less than 10 years old will put in those search criteria when filtering results. It will only be seen with this filter in place if it is listed as a 9-year-old rig rather than a 10-year-old rig. Even those who aren’t filtering results might skim and rule RVs out based on age.

On top of all that, when you do find a buyer, you will likely get a little more for it if the model year is more recent.

Save Time and Money

Last but not least, there is your time and money to consider. If you hold onto your RV until the spring, you will have to winterize and store it. Winterization takes time and effort, and storage costs money.

Besides all that, if your RV sits over the winter, it is more likely to need repairs and maintenance completed before it can be sold in the spring. These repairs and maintenance tasks will definitely require even more of your time, and depending on what kinds of repairs you’re dealing with, you might even be left with quite a big hole in your pocketbook when all is said and done.

Ultimately, putting this extra money and effort into your rig takes away from the overall profit of selling your RV and should be factored into your decision about when to sell.

Clearly, if you are sure you want to get rid of your RV, it makes more sense to sell now than to hold onto the rig until the springtime. Yes, you might sell it for a few more bucks in the spring, but you also might not consider that it’ll be “a year older.” This, combined with the facts that 1) finding a buyer could be more difficult, and 2) you’ll have to spend time and money on storage and maintenance, makes us feel pretty confident when we say selling now is the way to go.

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About Lindy Fried, Sales Consultant

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