5 Tips to Organize your RV

I think for many RVers, limiting the amount of items to take on a road trip can be difficult. It can be a challenge balancing what you need with limited space. Organizing the interior of an RV can be done, with the help of some reinforcements. Reinforcements such as folding dish drying racks, storage boxes, shower hooks, towel bars and cord reels can help provide tidiness and a clutter-free environment. 

Sure, this picture depicts clutter-free, everything-has-its-own-place, perfect RV setup. While this is a reachable goal, it might not be realistic for all. But it can be something to work toward.  One way to get closer to this highly set goal is to add items. 

While it might sound like adding more storage hacks might take up more valuable space, in the long run, these additions will leave you with more space than ever before. There are plenty of space-saving gadgets, hacks and items to make life on the road more organized. Collapsing kitchen items to baskets, hooks to storage ottomans, this article will highlight 5 tips to organize your all areas of your RV’s cabin. Search for camping-specific household items as these will usually be designed for smaller spaces. Items for the kitchen, bathroom and even trash receptacles come in scaled down sizes.


Let’s start in this area, as it requires a lot of items and doesn’t supply near enough space.

As mentioned above, collapsible items will serve a great purpose within this section of your RV. Amazon sells collapsible measuring cups as well as a roll-up dish rack. Make drying dishes a breeze by adding this dish rack across the sink and then simply fold up and store for next time. 

Consider mounting an under-cabinet paper plate holder. Keep the plates handy, yet out of the way with an easy-to-install holder.  Similarly, add a kitchen cabinet organizer for frying pans and lids, cutting boards, foil, etc. 

A fully collapsible over-the-cabinet garbage can is the perfect addition to any RV. Some products even come with a compartment to store unused trash bags, making trash maintainable. 

By adding dollar store wire dish racks inside cabinets, storage spaces double. Fasten a paper towel holder to the inside of a cabinet door to save counter space. 

Fresh fruit is likely a staple to anyone’s trip, and the fruit hammock will make a great way to display the fruit, while allowing it to stay ventilated and safe from bruising. 

Using your kitchen space efficiently is a key tip in an RV kitchen


Adding a hanging shelf to any closet rod will instantly allow each traveler have their own specific cubby. This will make traveling with kids a lot easier, as it will ensure each child’s clothes remain separated and will be an easy grab for the little hands. 

If you are a solo traveler, or with your significant other, the extra pockets and shelves can help organize flashlights, phone chargers, or virtually any other small items. 

Another tip to help stay organized is utilizing a new way to fold. Out with the flat fold method, in with the ‘file folder’ method. Roll each shirt or pair of jeans tightly and then stand them upright. Not only will this allow for more clothing, you can easily spot your socks. For more space-making products, consider adding a wire basket or drawer organizers into the mix.

Keep your bed area clean and organized to help alleviate clutter.

Bedroom Area

Another space that requires lots of item in a small area is the bedroom area. One item that would be a benefit to both sides of the bed is this bedside organizer. Taking the place of a nightstand, while taking up much less space, the organizer has a flap that slips in between the mattress and frame. Plenty of pockets for books, Kleenex, magazines, remotes, cell phones and glasses, this is an efficient way to keep things organized and nearby. 


An item used at home can be just as beneficial in an RV, and that item is a hanging organizer that hooks onto shower rings. Place it inside the shower for all bathing products, or hang it on the outside for hairbrushes, deodorant, and the like. Everything is easy to find, yet up out of the way.

Another tip to organize your RV bathroom is to have towel bars on an empty wall and hang containers on them. Get creative by having a different color container for each passenger. 

For wet towels, add extra shower hooks to the shower rod. An S hook will easily support a towel or robe. Add a bathroom caddy to the inside of a cabinet door to easily store a hair dryer, curling iron and a hairbrush or two. 

General Storage Tips

Plastic hooks are a must for any RV cabin. Buy the stick-on kind for no install damage. There are a variety of sizes that can be used for keys, coats, gear, robes, etc. 

Use collapsible clothes hampers for storing shoes, toys, damp clothes, or any other misc items you can think of. 

Hopefully these tips and hacks can help get your RV organized in a jiffy. With less time being spent on this challenging task, the more time there will be to travel the open road, see new sights and enjoy the camping life. 

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