RV Insurance: Do you have the Right Coverage?

Have you recently purchased an RV and are currently looking for great insurance coverage? Perhaps you already have coverage, but feel you need more or are hoping for a better rate. Wanting to bundle but not sure where to start?

Selecting the perfect insurance policy plan to ensure the greatest coverage at the best price can be a daunting chore. 

 Finding a great rate and superb coverage in a quick time frame can also be a challenge. With so many insurance companies to trek through, the worry might be strong that the wrong company could be picked. 

 By turning to an industry expert, the challenge and guesswork for finding great service is no longer a burden to you.  You trust us when buying an RV, so trust us when we recommend our preferred insurance provider for the RVs we sell. 

Turn to American Adventure Insurance and let them do the research for you. They search through numerous companies to provide the best coverage and price for your RV. 

Here at National Vehicle, we rely on American Adventure Insurance as our preferred insurance provider for all the RV models we sell. We trust in their ability to provide quality, reasonably priced quotes to our customers and really appreciate the advantages their coverage provides.

What is American Adventure Insurance 

American Adventure Insurance (AAI) is a national insurance agency. Licensed in all 50 states, they represent the best companies within the insurance industry. 

For more than 30 years, AAI has continued the work started by Southern California native, Paul Bender. What began as RV and trailer policies for local dealerships has now spread to more than 2,500 dealers nationwide. Of course, Mr. Bender can still be found in the office nearly every single workday, continuing the work he started back in 1992. 

By making use of a technology service known as Quomation, AAI runs down the best price and coverage combo from top insurance companies, providing you with solid, fair-priced coverage options for RVs and beyond. They do all the work, while you can receive all the best benefits and optimum coverage possibilities.

Each and every month, over 1,500 individuals select and buy a policy from AAI. They trust AAI’s selected companies for coverage and protection during each trip taken on the open road-or the open waters. Keep reading to see how AAI saves these individuals money while providing solid coverage, and learn how they can do the same for you as well.

What American Adventure Insurance Provides

One reason American Adventures Insurance is our preferred insurance provider is they provide plenty of coverage options to create unique packages for everyone. 

Here are a few of the advantages American Adventure provides for RV coverage:

  • Total Loss Replacement
  • Agreed Value Coverage
  • Emergency Expense Coverage
  • Personal Belongings Replacement
  • 24hr Towing and Roadside Assistance
  • Full Timer’s Coverage
  • Disappearing Deductibles
  • Campsite Liability
  • Pet Injury Coverage

While some might be considered standard, such as the total loss replacement and the 24-hour towing and roadside assistance, other options like the pet injury coverage and campsite liability might not be quite as thought of by insurance shoppers. Being able to ensure Fido is covered in the event of an accident can bring just as much peace of mind to drivers as coverage for their kids can offer. Fur babies are often times ‘one of the family’ and making sure they are taken care of is important to RV travelers. 

RV Insurance

Pet Injury Coverage is just one of many categories American Adventure covers.

Another portion of available insurance coverage is the personal belongings replacement. This one is great because in the event an RV is eligible for a total loss replacement, your items stored within the RV can also be recovered. 

In addition to RV coverage, which includes travel trailers, campers, motor homes and more, policies for motorcycles and ATVS, boats and personal watercrafts, and personal auto coverage are also options. Bundle together any combination of car/RV/boat and save some money through an offered discount.

Happy Family

With so many options, find which discount best suits you!

What Sort of Discounts are Offered?

American Adventures works hard to locate all the discounts you may qualify for, as they work with all the top-rated RV insurances. Here are some of the discounts possible:

  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • RV Association Discount
  • Safety Course Discount
  • Pay-in-Full Discount
  • Storage Option Discount

Bundling all your vehicles was previously mentioned above but holding more than one policy can also garner a discount to your total premium costs. Simply find out by mentioning 

For those part-time RVers, it is nice to know you can receive a break in the premium if you are storing your rig. And for those who would rather make a one-time payment to show the premium paid than to pay monthly, the pay-in-full discount is absolutely right for you. 

Discounts for personal auto and motorcycle/ATV include:

  • Homeowner Discounts
  • Full payment Discounts 
  • LoJack Discounts
  • Prompt Payment Discounts 
  • Responsible Driver Discounts

Stressed about finding the right plan?

Join one of the 1,500 new members each month in becoming insured at American Adventure Insurance!

What is the Right Coverage?

There is no short answer here and there is no wrong answer, either. Each individual will need a certain type of coverage. And each policy holder will qualify for a different number of discounts. 

The right coverage policy can be created for your specific needs. Ensuring your policy contains everything to cover you after an accident is the only way to know you have the right coverage for yourself, your family, pets and vehicles. 

Another way to make sure you have the right coverage is to ask for discounts you should qualify for. These can range from being a driver with a clear driving record, paying on time each time a payment is due and having services on your vehicle, such as a LoJack. 

Options can range from listing multiple vehicles on your policy, to covering a stored RV. They can range from discounts for upfront, paid in full policies to on-time payments. 

When You’re Ready for Coverage

If you are ready to see what coverage options are available for your RV or trailer, start by filling out this form to receive a free quote. Let AAI search and compare the best rate from A+ rated companies. 

Saving money is something everyone loves and by checking on bundling multiple vehicles, it is possible that significant discounts are an option for your policy through AAI. Bundling could be an option on two of the same vehicles, or a mix-match variation between two or more land and water vehicles. 

Taking a few moments to share the number of vehicles and pets owned, along with the discounts you want to qualify for will make the process a lot smoother for you and the agent at AAI.

Where is AAI and How can They be Reached?

The easiest way to learn what you qualify for is to fill out the free, no obligation quote online. Enter in the type of vehicle, year, make and model. Tell AAI how to contact you with the quote and go from there. Easy, breezy. 


Find the right coverage for you, and watch the savings roll in!

What Google Reviews Show

Our company isn’t the only one fond of AAI. Take a look at what actual customers have shared about their experience with the experienced insurance company.

A few 5-star reviews:

    • ‘Being newbies to owning a motorhome we really were clueless when it came to insuring it. No worries after talking with Ray, he explained things and made sure you understood everything as he went through it. After talking to State Farm for a quote, we were pleasantly surprised by the price which was over a hundred dollars less per year and we were getting 4 times the coverage! You won’t be disappointed by getting your policy here.’—Sally M. 
    • ‘We recently bought a new RV travel trailer and had a great experience working with Leslie. She gave us a quick quote and we were set up with coverage as soon as we needed it. Would definitely recommend them.’ -Julie D.
    • Estelle made the process so easy as we searched for insurance for our airstream. And when she’s not there, another rep was able to help us. A very smooth, easy transition process.’—Thao H.
    • ‘I always had trouble trying to find an insurance broker that tailored to me. American Adventure has been my go-to place for all of my boat, RV and motorcycle insurance needs for the last 3 years! Emma and her team are amazing and always willig to help. I highly recommend AAI! You will not be dissatisfied!’—J Hainsel

More questions or concerns?

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