For Sale by Owner: Maximize Savings Selling Your RV Hassle-Free!

Do you have an RV sitting unused in your backyard? Maybe you’re paying to store an old rig you never use anymore? Or have you found you just can’t keep up with the payments on your little vacation home? Need to know how to sell RV by owner?

In all of these cases, the smart thing to do is list the used RV for sale by owner. After all, it isn’t doing you much good just sitting there, and if the payments are causing you stress, it probably isn’t worth holding onto.

You may be thinking, “What is the best way to sell RV by owner?” or maybe you’re wondering, “How do I make sure I’m getting what I deserve when I sell my motorhome?” Our answer in either case? Skip other options and head straight to National Vehicle, so you keep control of the sale. 

Three Ways to Sell

While the idea of selling a motorhome or trailer might seem overwhelming at first, when you really look closely at the options, people looking to sell their RVs really only have three basic options:

  • Selling through consignment
  • Trading the RV in at a dealership
  • For sale by owner

All of these have their pros and cons, of course, but we do believe one option stands out as the clear winner once you look at these choices side by side. That option, as mentioned above, is to control the sale yourself; listing your used RV for sale by owner

In this article we are going to dive into the reasons why this is your best bet so you can fully understand the reasons one might choose to go it alone rather than turning to a broker or a dealership.

Why Selling through Consignment is a No-Go

Letting someone else hold onto your RV and sell it for you can be tempting. Unfortunately, hiring a broker to sell your motorhome or travel trailer for you is expensive. These individuals typically charge a 10% commission for their services. 

On top of that, selling through consignment requires you to sign a contract. That will restrict you from selling your RV on your own should you come across a buyer, meaning the broker can hold your RV hostage without necessarily putting much effort into selling it while it continues to depreciate. 

Never Trade Your RV to a Dealer

What about selling your RV to a dealership? Well, a dealership is not going to offer you what your RV is worth. These folks want to buy your rig and then turn around and sell it for a profit, meaning they purchase vehicles for less than they are actually worth.In many cases, the amount offered by a dealer will be a full 30% less than top-dollar retail!

Choose For Sale by Owner

With the consignment or dealership options ruled out, it’s time to talk about controlling the sale of your RV yourself. We mentioned already that this is our recommendation, and now that you understand the reasons why you shouldn’t go the other routes.

Many people looking to buy actually look to buy a used RV for sale by owner. They like that they can discuss the vehicle with a person who has actually used it. These shoppers also understand that an owner is likely to give them a better price than a dealership would, but even so, by removing the middleman, the seller still comes out ahead. This makes a used RV for sale by owner a financial win for all involved. 

How to Sell RV By Owner

You still may be wondering how to sell RV by owner. How does one even get started? Fortunately, National Vehicle can help. You see, those who sell RV motorhomes and trailers for a living do have a leg up. These people have more experience with the world of RV sales, meaning they understand how to price rigs and how to advertise. The folks at National Vehicle are professionals, but unlike some other salespeople out there, they are professionals who help individuals like you sell RVs while still giving owners complete control of each sale. 

Our FREE valuation tool helps you get a better understanding of what your RV is worth, so you know what to ask for it. Additionally, you have the option of using National Vehicle to help you advertise your RV. We work hard to let people know your RV is out there waiting for them, helping your trailer or motorhome sell as quickly as possible.

In fact, many people who have used our services claim that our website is the best place to sell an RV. And who are we to argue?

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