Tips for Spring Cleaning Your RV

Spring Cleaning Your RV


When April showers move in, May showers and spring fever aren’t far behind. Likely, the urge to load up the RV with family and supplies empowers an impromptu road trip dream. Before that dream can become a reality, however, spring cleaning of your RV is likely in order. Cleaning out the clutter is what spring cleaning is all about, isn’t it?

Interior first

  • Go through all the storage compartments, including under the bed, as well as the closets and consider which items are an absolute necessity and what items can be removed. Remember, less is more. While everything is out of the cubbies and closets, wipe them out and replace things into the space that is most convenient for that item.
  • Fridge and pantry-The kitchen area will likely have expired products. Whether things were left in the fridge or the kitchen pantry, check the expiration dates if left over the winter months. Check for melted or broken food containers. By removing those food items, you can greatly decrease the chance for pests (like ants) invading your home away from home. Remove the fridge shelves and storage drawers and give them a bath with some hot, sudsy water. Wipe down the interior walls and the outside of the fridge door as well. For more freshness, add an open box of baking soda to the fridge.
  • Fabrics and Upholstery- Change bedding sheets from winter to summer fabrics. Wash any removable couch cushions or covers and either wash or clean with a vacuum attachment. For curtains, either take down and shake off the dust or replace with summer color scheme.
  • Appliances- Microwaves, stoves and ovens all need some TLC, too. Clean out the microwave with a bit of vinegar/water mix and then wipe down after the mixture coated the walls. Using RV-friendly cleaning products, clean out the oven and wipe down the stovetop.
  • Bathroom-work smarter, not harder while freshening up the bathroom. Pour a fair amount of lemon juice and baking soda into the bowl and let it sit for about 15 minutes before scrubbing with a toilet bowl brush. Spray a shower-cleaning product specific for RV showers and let it sit for a bit as well. Make sure the product chosen does not contain bleach, as that will break down the seals around the tanks. Throw away stored items that have expired or are no longer needed and wipe down counters a soft cleanser and a simple cloth. For the mirrors, give them a shot of vinegar spray and dry with a clean cloth and then check out the shine.
  • Take a few minutes to check and refill your first aid kit. Make sure all meds and topicals haven’t expired and if you travel with pets, make sure you have up-to-date meds for them as well.
  • Deep clean by vacuuming carpet, mopping floor, dusting and disinfecting heavily in the kitchen and bathroom spaces.


 Exterior, too

While all units need attention paid to the roof, those who haven’t stored under a garage or other cover, should be checked thoroughly. Also, pay close attention to the unit’s ac casing for cracks while on the roof. Check for any potentially leaky seals that could cause water damage to the interior.  Wash and check the roof for any damage or leaks before sprucing up the sides and tires. Don’t forget to clean up the canopy and awnings.

Whether you start with the exterior or interior, making sure the unit is clean from top to bottom will allow for a safer, shinier and suitable rig. Checking for leaks, discarding expired items and removing some non-essential items to cut down clutter and leaving the RV light and clean will ensure the first road trip of the season is like being in a brand new RV unit, fresh off the  showroom floor.