Must-have Items for your next RV trip

Whether you have just purchased your first RV or been on the road for years, each year there are new must-have accessories for RV trips. This article is going to cover some helpful products for all aspects of your next road trip. If you are traveling solo, with a significant other or the whole fam, consider adding some of these gadgets and hacks for your next outing.

Anyone got a light?

For anyone who was tried to start a campfire or grill knows the impatience that might be caused from the waiting. Waiting for the flames to catch and to glow into a full-fledged fire can be challenging, especially when the campers are getting restless. Well, the creators of this next product have sped up the wait. How does starting a grill or campfire in 60 seconds sound?

That is beauty of the Looft Lighter X. A portable firelighter created to create fire in mere seconds, all from the power of a battery. Safe, effective and clean, this product makes lighter fluid-scented foods a thing of the past.

The Looft Lighter X is all electric, with no gas and no flame. The superheated air produced by Looft reaches 1200 degrees Fahrenheit in sixty seconds flat. One charge lights multiple times, and can be used for charcoal, briquettes and logs/campfires.

Misc Cleaning Items to Keep on Hand

When it comes to toiletries and such, the smaller the better. Large clumpy boxes and containers can take up way too much of the free space within an RV. Here are a few products that are perfect for saving space while being prepared.


This first item is truly ideal if you are traveling with kids, but it can benefit anyone. A collection of hand sanitizers that were made for traveling, and RV spaces, is from PlaneAire. Guided by science and nature, these plant-based hygiene products allow for on-the-go sanitizing without drying out your skin.

Go one step forward with PlaneAire’s Travel Essentials Bundle, including a surface and air mist, one PlaneAire wipes box of 12 individually wrapped sachets along with a PlaneAir Hands sanitizer in a blend of your choice.

For the young ones, the Yipes! Hand & Face cleaning wipes are easy on your kids’ skin, and the environment. They gently and effectively remove dirt from hands and faces and are 94% biodegradable. The individual small packs are perfect for a cubby in the RV, a handbag or diaper bag.


Another product for your kids’ protection while you are out exploring your chosen destination is the HandiGuru. Similar to a watch, this band connects around a kid’s wrist and has a lid that lifts for access to insect repellant, sunscreen or hand sanitizer.

This convenient bracelet allows your child to have the protection needed from the variety of germs and outdoor elements that await.

 Fur Zapper

When you are traveling, the laundry mat is likely the least-appealing part of being out on the road. Strange machines shared by the general public means you really never know what was in the machines before you, particularly true of the dryer’s lint trap. This next little creation helps gather up pet fur, dust, hair, and debris.

Meet the fur zapper, a product that has a super tacky and flexible soft surface to catch all the unwanted icky items mentioned above. Keep all clothes, bedding, and towels free of pet fur and other small undesirable tag-alongs away from your clothes. Simply toss it into the dryer with your laundry and let it do its magic. After a few uses, wash it by hand with dish soap and it will be good as new. Fur Zapper is sold as a twin pack at many retailers.

Arts and Entertainment

No matter how short the trip is, kids will always find time to be bored. As a preventive strike against that, consider stocking a basket with items to engage their creativity. Here are some more Must-have items for your next RV Trip.

Doodle Hog Art Supplies and Craft Kits

There are four collections available from Doodle Hog, ranging in age appropriateness for toddlers, kids and tweens, and young adults and adults of all ages looking for a new hobby. Crafting kits for kids and tweens include scrapbooking, string art, friendship bracelets and paint kits. There are watercolor brush pens/makers, sketchbooks, yarn kits and Dab and Dot markers for the toddlers.

These supplies could be a great way to distract them while waiting for meals or a great family bonding activity during rainy days or evenings at the RV Park.

Travel Photography

When you arrive at a magical destination, capturing the essence of your trip through a professional camera will provide long-lasting memories. Whether it’s a first trip to the Grand Canyon, a stop at a zoo in the middle of your trip or just the desire to capture the wildlife and natural scenery, those wanting to learn how to capture breathtaking travel photos can benefit from  The Travel Photography Book. The author writes the book with less technical terms and more ‘talking to a friend’ terms. Easy to apply tips and techniques will have you shooting like a pro in no time.

Adding these must-have items for your next RV trip won’t take up much space but will sure save you time, energy and keep you safe, healthy and entertained.