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1976 Winnebago Brave

Mileage:43,006 mi Location:Corpus Christi, TX Color: Price: $10,000  $15,000 Vehicle ID:148904

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Code (14890) 1976 Winnebago brave 19 foot same as in Independence Day movie 440 Chrysler 770HP engine Roof stripped rebuilt guarantee no leaks… New wood deck on top from beginning to end of mobile home over engineered for safety….!!!! New installation for outer skin of RV soundproof material…. New side view mirrors…. Dents backend nothing major. Tires in excellent condition back driver side outer tire little leak…. Completely (ALL) new brake lines rotors, drums calipers, brake shoes, New master cylinder… Storage for two natural gas tanks, no Generator, But wired up for one extra storage, battery Storage…. tail lights ordered….. body of RV primed and painted completely with FLAT black…. Underneath striped off old undercoat, sanded, pressure washed, put on primer and flat black undercoat…. New muffler with header….. New wiring from engine to battery box plus new covers for wires around engine…. New Radiator, alternator, starter… Engine tuned…. Steering column got it changed out. (Up dated)To try to get out all slack when steering (tight)…. New transmission cable put shifter on floor…. Push button starter with original key to RV to make true copies…. front window need to be replaced Problem with (column) for key with Instruments …. Interior Completely stippled too frame, water issue, (Guaranteed no water issues now) ….. refurbish cabinets, Original hardware like new…. Re-wired with more 12 V outlet…. New natural gas lines… Reinforced bathroom floor…. New toilet (virgin) lol…. Gray water and sewage Storage needs final part to complete…. Part is ordered- sink in bathroom original faucets original just cleaned up and painted showerhead original walls with waterproof paint… Wraparound couch with (Safe storage) inside couch frame for gun etc.. New kitchen sink and Fossett… Refurbished original (gas)four burner burner with oven and broiler yes I said (four) burners… New fridge… New countertops… New subfloor and new wood Vinyl flooring….
Queen size (back end) and twin size beds… Twin above captain chairs for driver and passenger… twin size bed needs some work nothing major…. Duel axle with two tanks on top of axle that hold 300 gallons of water when water is full act like a 4 by 4 (you cannot get it stuck in dirt). Both closets in back standup closet are in perfect shape rebuilt ,,,,,,,,,,, diagnosed with that wonderful disease called (cancer) my priorities have changed I‘m not gonna do any more work on this RV I have over 2000 hours with professionals and myself @ $20 an hour that‘s over $40,000 plus material was around $20,000…. (cancer sucks) but you can have a beautiful RV with my love that I put into it…. 45 years old or young and it looks and acts like it has another 45 years… (old RV guy told me) …….the only way you can get your money back is to use it!!!! ENJOY… Please only serious inquiries…

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