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Advantages and Disadvantages of RV Ownership - Part 4 Freedom
Thursday - February 28, 2019 8:38 pm     Article Hits:4748     A+ | a-
RV travel is about the journey, never the destination!
RV travel is about the journey, never the destination!
By Steve Froese
Blog Contributor

For the last entry in this four-part series, I will finish off the discussion about some of the main advantages and disadvantages of RV ownership. This segment will delve into a second significant advantage, which is freedom. I touched on this briefly in the last blog, as ease and freedom of ownership can be closely related.

Freedom of ownership means you can do what you want when you want. My family owns a membership in a group of private RV resorts in the Pacific Northwest. This means we can stay at any of these parks for free anytime we want. The closest of these, which is our home park, is less than one hour from our home, yet it provides a great family getaway. That family of RV resorts is also part of a more extensive system of parks that includes Resort Parks International (RPI) and America Outdoor Resorts (AOR), among others. Collectively, this network provides access to thousands of private and public RV parks throughout North America that we can stay at for a fraction of the retail rate. Literally on a whim, we can head out in our RV for a night, weekend, month, or any amount of time we wish. We have even been known to pull out in the RV for an afternoon picnic. Freedom also allows us to choose where we want to stay. We may select one of the aforementioned RV Resorts, or we may choose to remain in a state, provincial, or national park. Our journeys may even take us to a non-serviced forestry site. As a family, we enjoy planning each RV adventure, and these adventures will never include waiting in airport security lines or lounges waiting for connecting flights.

We even plan for unplanned events. In other words, while a good portion of our trips are scheduled, we also plan time to make unscheduled stops. For instance, while we may make a reservation for a popular RV Resort weeks or months in advance, we may also book into that site a day later than it would typically take us to get there. This allows us to find a secluded site on the beach on that extra night, or we may choose to stay over at a local casino! There are no other modes of leisure travel that provide this level of travel freedom, and it should not be underestimated!

On the other extreme, freedom also means we can choose if and when to become full-time RVers. We are not yet at the point where we can make this commitment. However, we do know that when we are ready to retire, we will hit the road full-time in our RV. Most full-timers will tell you that is true freedom!

While there are indeed some significant disadvantages to owning an RV, they are far outweighed by the many advantages. Ease and freedom of ownership combined allow RV owners to embrace and enjoy the RV lifestyle truly. One of the most important things to remember about RV travel is that it’s never the destination, but rather the journey that is important! It is hard to say this about other leisure travel.
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