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Explore Less Crowded areas and Stay for Free at 600+ Spectacular Locations.
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Harvest Hosts ads 20 new FREE locations per month for RVers to their listings!
Harvest Hosts ads 20 new FREE locations per month for RVers to their listings!
By Natalie Manor
Blog Contributor

A Holiday Adventure…or any other time of the year

RVers, you love to go to new places and see the views, try the food and share the sunsets. What if you could visit spectacular locations WITHOUT having to pay anyone for parking your RV? Best holiday present ever - You can be the hero with these ideas – planning a Holiday Adventure – and have trips of a lifetime without any planning hassles. 
Here is how…it’s a good story!
I met Joel, the owner of this terrific service (Harvest Hosts), via an article that caught my eye. I asked him if I could interview him and we had a TERRIFIC conversation. His story, along with his lovely wife Mary Ashley, started with traveling all over the USA in their RV. While they were traveling, for a full year, Joel kept thinking there has to be a way to visit the back roads and unique spots that are not just RV campgrounds. Don’t get him wrong, he is a dedicated RVer, but he is also a very curious guy.
He wanted to be able to visit farms, wineries, out of the way and beautiful locations, breweries, mountains, hiking, and all with his RV and not have to be in a “parking” lot with so many other people.   
Well, he went even further than being curious, he put together a hosting site so you could do just that.  You can now visit hundreds of places in the USA, Canada, and Mexico – for free and stay in their gorgeous locations and meet amazing people and not have to pay a fee to the location. 
What a gift to give yourself for a holiday adventure or a road trip of a lifetime – choosing so many places you never thought even existed or would invite you to bring your RV to their property. Many of these places make unique products; do wine, beer, and cider tastings; have farms with animals and beauty with great organic and healthy food.   
Joel shared with me that Harvest Hosts adds 20 new locations a month to their listings of where you can go with your RV. Right now they have 600+ locations. 
Harvest Hosts even have an app you can use to find out events, newsletters, new listings, happenings etc at all the locations.  I love love love that they do all the work for you. Just fill your tank up and head out to some of the most interesting and best fun you have had with RVing.    
National Vehicle truly appreciates their clients and customers. They want you to have the best experiences and more fun on the road with your RV than has ever been possible. That is why they have contacted Harvest Hosts to find out the “back story” on this service. When you see Joel and Mary Ashley on the road, tell them thank you for creating this service for you and your RVing family

Never ever has it been more fun to visit this extraordinary country of ours and now our neighbors in Canada and Mexico. Be sure to email us some of your pictures from your travels.
From everyone at National Vehicle, Happy Holidays and be safe on the road. 

Natalie R. Manor is the co-author of 5 books, a blogger  an executive business coach, a keynote speaker, a new gramma and in her third year of researching which RV she is going to buy to see the good ole’ USA.

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