How To Sell An RV While Maximizing Profits

There are many ways to sell an RV when you’re done camping, but some methods are better than others. Happily, there are steps you can take to increase profit, expedite the process, and reduce the risk and hassle.  

Ways to Sell an RV

To sell your RV, there are three main ways to do it. You can trade it in, hire a broke/consigner or you can sell it privately. Unfortunately, the first two ways mentioned will cost you thousands of dollars in loss revenue or towards brokers fees. 

So how can you sell an RV to get the best price, while still reducing the hassle and risk?  The private marketplace is by far the most lucrative place to sell your RV and following these simple tips will maximize profits and expedite the process.

Clean & Detail Your RV

This is the most important step when selling an RV.  People are instinctively drawn to nicer things. They don’t want to buy a book with a torn dust cover or dented cans, and they certainly will not be impressed with your RV if it’s covered in green mossy slime, has flat tires, and is barely visible under the blackberry vines.  Even if your RV is just a DIY project, it will still sell faster and for more money if you present it as clean and uncluttered. Clear out the debris in and around your RV before you take pictures. Thoroughly wash the outside and tidy up the inside. The goal is to make it look as close to new, as possible.

Repair Defects

The next step is to repair as many defects as possible. If the refrigerator doesn’t work, a window is cracked, or there’s water stains on the headliner, those repairs may cost a few thousand dollars, but you’ll recover all that extra cost in the selling price. New owners want to buy an RV in which they can immediately go play. They don’t want to spend the first few weeks with their new RV in a service bay. If repairs aren’t done buyers will expect to pay less.

Stage and Photograph

After you clean your RV and fix minor defects take the time to stage it for the best possible photographic presentation. Think about the way houses are staged for a showing.  All the personal items are tucked out of sight, there are no dirty dishes in the sink, the beds are made, all the lights are on, and the window shades are open to allow the maximum amount of light into the house.  Realtors know that well lit houses sell faster. The same is true for RVs.  

A little cleaning can go a long ways during the selling process. A quick detail can help ensure potential buyers that your RV was well taken care of during your ownership. 

Stage your RV like a house. Remove all your personal items, open all the drapes, turn on the lights, and try to take photographs on a bright sunny day. Take pictures of everything: inside, outside, the roof, storage compartments, tires, batteries, hitch, even the under-carriage. If something needs to be highlighted, take a picture of it. People who want to buy your RV want to know everything about it and sharing only a few pictures will make buyers wonder what you’re hiding.

The selling process can be stressful, get the help you need to guide you through and keep you safe. 

Hire Professionals to Help You Reach More RV Shoppers

The private marketplace is the best place to sell your used RV.  It gives you the largest pool of prospective buyers and it generates more profit than selling it to a dealer or wholesaler.  But knowing your RV’s value, pricing it correctly, and presenting it to all the RV shoppers is more complicated than just posting a few pictures on Facebook Marketplace. 

The professionals at National Vehicle will help you navigate through this entire process. Once you decide to sell your RV, and even before you do steps 1, 2, and 3, you’ll need to know what your RV is worth.  This information will help you decide how to move forward, and if you should invest in the repairs described in tip #2 or just sell your RV at a discounted price. 

National Vehicle understands that the whole process of selling an RV starts by knowing what the RV is worth in today’s marketplace and they are experts at valuation, so they provide these valuations for FREE.  Then when you decide to sell your RV, they will help you prepare compelling RV ads and place the ads in all the publications where people shop for used RVs. They provide industry tips to help you maximize your return and they even help buyers arrange financing, if needed.  They don’t charge a percentage of the selling price, like a consigner. They have an affordable one-time flat fee and once you hire the National Vehicle team, they will continue to assist you until your RV is sold.

Negotiate in Earnest

The final tip to help you maximize profit when selling your RV is to be available and engaged in the process and negotiate in earnest.  If a buyer contacts you about your RV, respond quickly. Be open, honest, and candid about your RV’s condition. Be available to show your RV to buyers or make it available for an RV inspector. Have your maintenance records on hand, and get all your paperwork in order, so if someone does want to buy it you will be able to quickly transfer the title and any unused portion of your extended warranty.  

Bonus tip.  Be safe.

To safely transact business in the private marketplace you need to be genuine and open, but not naive.  There are always scam artists trying to take advantage of unsuspecting sellers.  Never accept a personal check from a buyer. Finalize the sale at your bank if possible, so your bank can verify that the funds are credited to your account.  

Always sign over the title and fill out a bill of sale.  If your name is still on the title and the RV is involved in any illegal activity the police will be looking for you, not the new owner.  Be candid about your RV with prospective buyers, but don’t disclose information about your family, lifestyle, or other personal information.  Remember con men are experts at charming and disarming their “marks”. 

Therefore, to safely sell your RV in the private marketplace you’ll need to negotiate earnestly while being cautious and perceptive.  If something doesn’t feel right, or it seems like it’s too good to be true, like the buyer offers you more than you’re asking in exchange for an expedited sale, then step back, hit pause, and ask your representative at National Vehicle for their professional advice.  


Now you know, you don’t have to take a beating on the price of your RV by selling it to a dealer. The best place to maximize your profit is in the private marketplace where you have access to the largest number of buyers. With National Vehicle FREE valuation and their professional help, and by following these 6 simple tips, you’ll be able to maximize your profit, safely and effectively when you sell your RV

About Tyler Richardson, Sales Consultant

Tyler Richardson has been connecting buyers and sellers with National Vehicle for the last 9 years. He is a father of two and his main goal in life is to give his children the best experiences in life. When he has off time he spends his time training competition protection dogs, horses and is a licensed falconer.