2017 Kenworth Hydrovac

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In Lacombe, AB
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For Sale By Owner

2017 Kenworth Hydrovac

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2017 Kenworth Hydrovac
  • Mileage: 6,835 miles
  • Color: White
  • Interior:


2017 Kenworth Hydrovac SmartVac.

NEW SmartVac hydrovac built on a Kenworth Chassis. This single-axle hydrovac is a unique innovation with agile size and equivalent power of any tendem or tri-drive truck. Having only one axle allows the vehicle to be operated by a wider range of drivers, as they only need to carry a class 5 license and airbrake ticket in Canada.

Not every job requires a big truck and many big trucks are so heavy they are unable to haul more than the SmartVac without being over-weight. Similarly, this truck has the capacity to work in tight quarters and maneuver under a multitude of circumstances. It is also amazingly quiet.

SmartVac has a uniquely engineered cabinet that lowers the decibels to 88db, the equivalent of a food blender.

The main difference between SmartVac and other single axle hydrovac's comes down to weight and power. SmartVac is a lighter and more powerful truck compared to many competitors; running a ROOTS RAM 624 Blower at around 120 HP. Thus it can carry a higher load while still being road legal and it can dig faster. It is completely automated with a touch screen and remote making the use of this vehicle very efficient.

This truck is excellent in extreme climates, as all valves and mechanisms on the truck are run by an onboard computer with the capability to purge every water line within minutes.