2012 Road King Custom For Sale By Owner In North Vancouver, BC
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For Sale By Owner

2012 Road King Custom

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2012 Road King Custom
  • Mileage: 1,000 miles
  • Color: Purple/Black
  • Interior:


2012 Road King Custom Bagger.

What I'm offering here is a one of a kind custom bagger designed and built by Jevon Lau of Pickard USA in Texas. Just like all these kinds of custom bikes there is too must on an ad to list what was changed or replaced but suffice to say that this is a one off custom built bagger with Jevon's attention to detail showing throughout the build.

The engine has been ported and polished with diamond cuts on the cooling fins to give it extra pop. The pipes are one offs from the shop of Joe Martin -yes that Joe Martin- and the bars have all the wires and cables run internally for the extra clean look I have always liked.

The reason for selling the bike?? Well I have had it for 5 years and it has never really been driven for any length of time... I have 2 young boys that are too young for riding on the back of it and they have other interests right now. I also still have a pro street custom and my wife's GSXR so I'm still covered. It just seems a shame to have it in the garage and I can find better uses for the money if someone wants to buy it off me for a fair price. It's been in our garage during that time and I change the oil at least once a year and it gets started up at least once a month. She is a lovely beast though.

I'm motivated to sell it and would be willing to climb down a little on the price but if you think I am in a corner and able to be had don't waste my time or yours. Like the title says; I'm motivated to sell it but not desperate or stupid.