1960 Ford Fairlane For Sale By Owner In Park Ridge, NJ
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1960 Ford Fairlane

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1960 Ford Fairlane
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1960 Ford Fairlane KUSTOM.

GNRS 1st place winner. Full article/photos feature in not 1 but 4 [!] different major magazines, including a cover feature ["Rod & Custom", "Traditional Rod & Kulture", "Kustoms Illustrated" and "Gears And Gals"] between 2010 an 2012. Additionally its custom interior was featured in "Rolls & Pleats" magazine.

Roofline vertically sectioned, moved forward 9" for sleeker look. Nosed, decked, shaved, peaked, molded, slammed. Custom rounded opening edges [doors, etc.]. Shaved doors, trunk [hidden mechanical type releases].

Built along pure traditional early '60s custom style, minimal body filler, old school work. Extended fins, trunk, radiused/flared wheel wells, custom grill/grill opening, hood peaked w/custom hand fabbed vents, custom/n.o.s. glass, virtually every inch reworked and modified by top custom body builder. Beautiful traditional custom interior.
Car is well known on the custom scene. Top quality work/mods, too much to list. Pro built/painted by KKOA hall of famer for a prominent hotrod/tattoo artist on the custom scene. Plus many other custom shops and builders involved during its creation. Traditional paint techniques utilized, done to perfection: custom mix of pearl, single stage, clear, flakes, perfect Watson-like 'fades', etc. In fact - according to this car's builder/painter - Larry Watson saw this car in person at a major show, a few months before his untimely death, and was reportedly stopped in his tracks due to the ride's paint job technique quality. Dash pinstriped by the legendary Blaine "BlaineO" Scott, plus unique custom graphic piece by owner, a famous artist himself.

Outstanding ride, drive anywhere, a true beauty but built to be driven daily/anywhere.

Drivetrain swapped-in from a restored '67 Mustang: 289ci, C4, 9" rear. HEI ignition module. Vintage Air A/C with period correct chrome A/C control console mounted under dash. Modern stereo in glove compartment. Unique custom exhaust, deep rumble - sounds outstanding at idle, even better at rpm.

Finished around early 2010, still in excellent condition. I've purchased it in December 2011 directly from the owner it was built for. Recently [between 2012 an 2014] the car has undergone a 2 years plus, extensive, total reconditioning/repaint by its original builder, after it was hit while parked, with me in it. He undercoated it with POR-15 before perfectly recreating its paint, panels and parts of strakes/fins where it was damaged; still using the painstaking traditional techniques [round 1/4" s/s rods, hammer/dolly, etc.]. The repairs and paint is flawless. The car has only been driven less than 200 miles since.

Please Contact Jerzy by email for more information at 36stude@optimum.net.