1998 Acura NSX 2 Door Coupe

Mileage: 68,000 miles
Location: Rome, NY
Color: White
Interior: Black
Price: $92,500


1998 Acura NSX 2 Door Coupe, 3.2L Gasoline Engine, 6-Speed Manual Transmission.

Classic NSX. Why buy new when you can own the original for almost 1/2 price? 68,000 miles. The car the McLaren F1 was based on. In 1998 only 8 white/black were made. Notice the custom Stainless Steel coolant reservoir etc. Enjoy a piece of art that's most likely to appreciate.

Do not purchase this car if you donʼt want to talk to those who gather around it when going shopping etc. (Iʼve had children give me a thumbs up) California car, Mid engine, aluminum body, 3.2, Targa Top, 6-speed, hidden lights, timeless body, well maintained, the best of the 3 series.

Call 315 225 1903 for further information/ pictures. Be serious.

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