2007 Ford F250 Lariat 4WD

Mileage: 43,425 miles
Location:  Hingham, MA
Color: Burgundy
Interior: Tan
Price: $28,500
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2014 Ford F250 Platinum Diesel 4x4

Mileage: 39,451 miles
Location:  Lemoore, CA
Color: White
Price: $54,000
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2011 GMC Seirra 3500HD SLE Crew Cab 4WD

Mileage: 38,900 miles
Location:  Tucson, AZ
Color: Sheer Silver Metallic
Price: $41,000
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2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE With Luxury Package

Mileage: 118,000 miles
Location:  Lebanon, NJ
Color: Charcoal
Interior: Brown
Price: $33,900
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2013 Ford F350 Platinum Crew Cab Super Duty

Mileage: 27,000 miles
Location:  Broomfield, CO
Color: Gray
Interior: Black
Price: $53,500
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2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT Crew Cab 4WD

Mileage: 152,854 miles
Location:  Oquawka, IL
Color: White
Interior: Black
Price: $27,500
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2011 Ford F350 Lariat Crew Cab Long Bed 4WD

Mileage: 69,000 miles
Location:  Ozark, MO
Color: Red
Interior: Black
Price: $42,000
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2015 Ford Explorer With 2 Year Factory Warranty

Mileage: 17,000 miles
Location:  Blackville, SC
Color: White
Interior: Gray
Price: $32,000
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